Investing In Our Future: Why Public Education Matters

With only a few days to go until the election, I’ve been reflecting on the past four months of my campaign. During this time, I’ve canvassed almost every day to get my message across to the people of Cambridge. I think about the hours spent canvassing, the hundreds of miles walked, the countless number of doors knocked, and the thousands of conversations I’ve had with people.


While I’ve been asked a multitude of questions from all these different people, there is always one topic, or some form of one, that people inevitably end up asking. Why you? Why should you be on school committee? Why are you running? What makes you stand out among the other candidates? Common curious questions for a campaigner. And of course I have my quick responses, my thirty second pitches; my experience in the classroom, my perspective from the number of schools I’ve worked in, my commitment to improving communication and collaboration throughout the district.


Honest and good answers for really great questions. But really, these quick responses don’t always allow me to explain in greater depth about why I should be elected. So that’s why I decided to write this. To explain to you, the reader, why you should vote me, Jake Crutchfield, #1 for school committee on November 7th.


You should vote for me because of my passion about public education and why I believe it matters so much. The truth is, I wholeheartedly believe that public education is the best way to save our country.


Whoa! Big Jump. I know, but hear me out on this. You can’t avoid seeing what’s happening at the national level of politics. It’s overwhelming and omnipresent. And it’s hard to not argue that we are at a pivotal moment in our history of the United States. But I think with a challenge this big, ironically we need to start thinking smaller. To me, the answer to this challenge starts locally.


Now more than ever it’s important that people are civically conscious and engaged. We need to make sure our students leave our schools not just with academic skills, but also with the ability to pursue their passions and envision a better future for themselves and others. When we invest in public education we are making an investment in our future. We invest in our future doctors, in our future electricians, in our future police officers, and in future careers that don’t even exist today. But most importantly, we invest in our future citizens.


Because the investment is so critical, it is crucial that our school committee sets the correct agenda and makes sure that money spent for public education is working towards this goal. As I’ve talked about during my campaign, it’s not for any one person or group to set that agenda.  This agenda needs to be set with input from all members of the community. That’s why I believe that communication with the community is essential so that every voice can be heard as we prepare our students for the world of tomorrow.


If you elect me, I will work to hold more community meetings where residents can give more input and feedback directly to the School Committee. If you elect me, I will work to ensure that the voices of students, families and staff are part of the decision making process. And if you elect me, improving the Cambridge educational experience will be my #1 priority, both in terms of my time and my focus. So when you go to the polls on November 7th and are thinking about who to invest your #1 vote with, I hope you consider me. If you would like to learn more about me and my platform, please check out website ( and my blog (


Thank you for time and consideration,

Jake Crutchfield

Candidate for Cambridge School Committee



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