My School Committee Resume

In order to be considered for nearly any job, you must first participate in some sort of interview process. For the job I am striving for, member of the Cambridge School Committee, the process is a bit different. Unlike interviewing with one or two people, I am interviewed by thousands of people throughout the election process as I canvass across the city speaking with residents about my ideas for education in the Cambridge Schools. To succeed, I must pass this rigorous, but fulfilling, interview process.

This had me thinking: what would it look like if I needed a resume for all my interviews with the different residents of Cambridge? What follows below is what I’m calling “My School Committee Resume”. It shares with you my past experiences that I find relevant as to why I would be an excellent #1 vote for School Committee.


Building Substitute, Cambridgeport Elementary School

  • Taught in a wide range of JK-5th grade classrooms, and also provided 1 on 1 as well as small group support for students.
  • Built relationships with 300+ students by providing social-emotional support and discovering how each student learns best.
  • Contributed as an active member in my school community by participating in school council meetings and volunteered at various school community events.

Trainer for After School Teachers,  Agenda for Children

  • Co-developed workshops for afterschool teachers focused on self-directed and student centered learning for the Agenda for Children.
  • Co-created curriculum based on this type of teaching method that taught students the importance of the community around them.

After School Teacher,  Elm Street Community School

  • Taught a variety of after school enrichment classes, including flag football, recycle art, and STEAM structures.
  • Developed an understanding of the importance of building a bridge between after-school programs and regular school classes.

Community Organizer, City Councillor Nadeem Mazen

  • Connected underserved families to afterschool and summer programs for their children.
  • Learned that the barriers to entry for these programs and others like this can be daunting to navigate, especially if they are busy working multiple jobs, don’t know how the system works, or if English is their second language.

Day-to-Day Substitute, Cambridge Public Schools

  • Taught in almost all of the schools in Cambridge, so I was able to see first hand what makes each school so special.
  • Learned that each school has their own culture and own identity, and has their own strengths and challenges.

Member of STEAM Working Group, City of Cambridge

  • Collaborated with numerous stakeholders in education and the city to create a list of recommendations on how to expand Cambridge’s commitment towards STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning.
  • Co-organized a presentation to deliver to the City Manager, which resulted in the creation of the STEAM coordinator position in Cambridge.

Master’s Degree in Political Communication and Education, Emerson College

  • Earned my Master’s of Education at Lesley University, which is known for its teaching program and community focused approach.
  • Completed coursework that focused my thinking around the principles of teaching, different types of pedagogy, and how to meet the social-emotional needs of students.

Student Teacher, Brookline High School

  • Fostered a classroom environment that encouraged a creative and open atmosphere.
  • Taught lessons that promote the development of analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Differentiated instruction with lessons that contain multiple ways to access the material.

English Teacher, Beijing, China

  • Taught English in various classroom settings ranging from kindergarten students to adults in the Financial Services Industry.
  • Found my passion for teaching, while experiencing a new culture and learning about how that culture values education.

Financial Advisor, MetLife

  • Advised families on how to make proper financial choices for their futures by teaching them long term planning tools to help them make the right investment choices.
  • Given a unique insight into how intricate budgeting processes work and how to create these budgets.

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